Miyano Fixed Head Machines

Our fixed head CNC mill/turn centers are built on the most rigid of platforms, which gives us the confidence to produce very accurate and complex components, with built in thermal stability high surface finishes and tight tolerances are very easily achieved.

Incorporating two spindles and two turrets enables for simultaneous front and rear end working, therefore the most complex of components are completed in a one hit process. Up to 48 tool stations and 24 driven tool stations with 40 Nm power enable us remove metal at a considerable rate.


Davturn Miyano BNE51SY6 51mm maximum diameter


Davturn Miyano BNA42DHY 42mm maximum diameter

STAR Sliding Head Machines

The flexibility and capability of our CNC lathes ensures davturn can produce precision components to suit all needs and sectors.

Davturn’s engineering facilities incorporate 5 swiss turning centers from STAR GB. We are able to produce very complex or simple components in batch sizes ranging from few hundred to hundreds of thousands for many different industries.

Our STAR machines provide us with machine tools with up to 10000 rpm spindle speeds, 32mm bar capacity and c-axis on main and sub-spindles and an impressive 14 driven tools.

Additionally, our machines are equipped with high pressure coolant up to 2000 psi and automatic magazine bar loaders to enable us produce parts unmanned.


Davturn Star SR32J 32mm maximum diameter


Davturn Star SR20J 20mm maximum diameter


Davturn Star SB20RG 20mm maximum diameter


Davturn Star SB16D 16mm maximum diameter


Davturn Star SB16C 16mm maximum diameter

Star HFT software

Here at Davturn we are at the forefront of manufacturing and are continuously trying to gain an edge and improve the services we can offer our customers.

We have therefore added STAR GB’s groundbreaking swarf management software to our machines.

The software enables intermittent cutting on any linear axis which breaks up difficult to chip material into more manageable smaller chips to help us produce parts faster and more efficiently.