At Davturn, we pride ourselves in providing superior turned parts, as well as handling the precision cleaning of these components. We know first-hand the importance of precision turned parts having to be thoroughly cleaned to be free of all debris to properly serve their function – it’s why we offer our MecWash cleaning services for an accurate and spotless cleaning.


Why Precision Clean Parts?

For any machine to operate at optimal efficiency, its turned parts need to be cleaned to the highest standard leaving no room for error. Sectors such as the automotive and medical industries depend on precision cleaning to ensure safety.

MecWash provides precision cleaning for turned parts that results in the effective removal of oils, lubricants, metal chips and debris from even the most complicated machine components. Our MecWash cleaning service is fully enclosed so no steam and unpleasant vapours are released, and includes features for water recycling to reduce environmental impact.

Precision cleaned parts are essential for:

  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Longevity

Our MecWash Cleaning Machines

At Davturn we provide thorough cleaning for industrial parts that require the most stringent and precise washing. We utilise our reliable MecWash solo aqueous machine equipped with pressure washing, spraying, rinsing, hot air dry and other unique capabilities necessary to provide the most complete cleaning of precision turned parts. Our MecWash solo aqueous washing machine is also guaranteed to provide a high-quality cleaning and degreasing system for all types of components. You can rest assured that all parts will receive a deep comprehensive cleaning and be ready for use.


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