Whether you are Jaguar Land Rover, Mondelez International, Siemens or an SME with a primary focus on manufacturing, you will likely require numerous components to be regularly cut and will need a company you can trust to be accurate, consistent and reliable. When it comes to precision engineering in Birmingham, Davturn are leading experts who pride themselves on delivering on time, on budget and with exceptional quality.

Based just outside Birmingham, in Bromsgrove, we are easily accessible for all businesses of the Second City, and with decades of experience working with companies across numerous sectors, creating precision-turned parts for various applications, you can be assured, whatever the dimensions of the parts you need, we can craft them.

Talk to our experts about your innovations and let us show you how we can bring them to life.


Why Choose Davturn as Your Precision Turned Parts Provider in the West Midlands?

With over 40 years of experience in precision engineering for the West Midlands and throughout the UK, we understand how crucial it is that all components are intricately produced with precision as the slightest of errors on the smallest of parts can cause a butterfly effect. Our quality control is impeccable, ensuring all precision-turned parts in Birmingham are accurate for the role they are intended. Being a local company, we believe in working together with businesses in the local community and forming long-lasting relationships based on results.

Thanks to our policy of continual investment and our focus on keeping up-to-date with industry technology advances, we only use the latest CNC machinery for our precision part manufacturing, with our fixed head machines capable of up to 51mm diameters and our sliding head machines able to cut up to 32mm diameter. This is why we have been the go-to company for industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics and telecommunications, oil and gas, defence, energy, consumer goods and more.


The Benefits of CNC Parts

CNC precision engineering is the ideal way to cut turned parts for many reasons but none as important as its high precision in creating accurate and consistent small parts. This allows precision-turned parts to include intricate and complex geometries, internal cavities and threads. CNC manufacturing works with a variety of materials such as metals, plastics, composites and alloys and a typical machine can produce batches of small or large quantities.

Being the superior method to produce the smallest and most detailed of parts makes CNC precision engineering very popular for numerous applications across a range of industries, including aeroplane parts, hydraulic fittings, fuel injection systems, camshafts, gears, orthopaedic implants, prosthetics, bone screws, antennas, microelectronics, valves, water pumps, drill bits, military vehicles, firearms, furniture, jewellery, watch parts and many more.


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